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We are excited to have formed a Partnership with NORM DUKE and his company Next Level Bowling! Norm Duke and his team of Pros will utilize MotionPro! to give  lessons.


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MOTIONPRO! for the Pocket PC
The ultimate in mobile video analysis!

Now you can take your video with you and study it on the go! This product allows you to analyze your mechanics on your mobile device. No other company offers software like this!

Simply export your session to a folder on your Pocket PC (from within the COACH software), let Active Sync do it's thing, and you are ready to go! It couldn't be easier!

MotionPro! PocketPC provides the following key features:

  • Forward and Reverse Playback in speeds ranging from 30 frames per second down to 1 frame per second

  • Intuitive "screen tap" interface. A single button selects the active function. Everything else happens by tapping or drawing on the screen with a stylus or your finger.

  • Screen Step Mode: Tap anywhere on the screen to advance the sequence by a single frame. The sequence advances in the currently selected direction (forward or backward).

  • Screen Play Mode: Tap anywhere on the screen and the sequencer begins playing the entire sequence at the currently selected speed/direction. Tap again and the sequencer stops.

  • Screen Draw Mode: Draw up to 10 Lines or Boxes for close analysis of your positions.



MOTIONPRO! for the Pocket PC is included free with any purchase of MotionPro! Coach Edition or higher.

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